Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Lovin' it

The Lovely Lavold vest is coming along nicely. It's a lot of fun to knit, and I can actually see how the cables need to be formed which means I'm not a total slave to the charts. It's a bit hard to photograph because the yarn has subtle colour changes, and it is pea-soup foggy today, but here it is:

I tried to focus on the back centre cable, the edges are just reverse stockinette stitch.

And the letter-carrier came bearing gifts yesterday:

This was purchased before my yarn diet. It's rowanspun dk in lavendar, and it was originally destined to be the Lovely Lavold vest. I decided the colour doesn't work with my wardrobe as a vest, but would make a great sweater so I ordered a few more from
Sheila a great e-bay seller. Her yarn is nicely priced and it always arrive very quickly--less than five days from the west coast to central Canada. The yarn will likely become a Retro Preppy--though I'm still deciding between the cardi or the pullover. Amy just finished one in the same colour--which is where I got the idea.

Finally, I'm toying with the idea of a template change. I set up another blog to try it out. Have a look and let me know which one you prefer.I'm mostly worried I'll screw up the change over--I hate spending too much time on blogging--I would so rather be knitting.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Starting Frenzy

Well, not a frenzy, but I did start 2 projects yesterday. One was my first pair of commissioned socks and I really like how the colours are emerging.

And, after I scaled mount laundry and got the kids to bed, I dove into the Lovely Lavold vest (my rename of Culdesac). I had a bit of trouble with the lifted increase instructions, but I think I have them figured out (the directions in the magazine were really unclear) and the results are rather nice:

Sorry for the not-great picture, it's so dark and rainy here I have to use the flash which washes out the photo.

I think the subtle colour changes in the yarn make this vest a little more casual/rustic than the original, but I love the colour and the pattern is a nice challenge. There's lots to think about for the cables, but also lots of reverse stockinette for a break.

I also resolved to take a yarn diet for a while. Must be paying my huge tuition bill or the fact that I'm surrounded by yarn. I have lots of projects to keep me busy all winter. So I hereby resolve to not purchase yarn until the new year (at least). I have some stuff in transit, but there will be no more. I'll have to cut back on my blog reading, because that's how all the enabling happens!

I need a post and here it is

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